CDRevolution CD Image

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This specification defines the CDRevolution CD Image file format version 1.11

What is a CDRevolution CD Image?

A CDRevolution CD Image is a file format for storing both audio and data CDs in a single document package.

Naming and pronunciation

The full name for these files is "CDRevolution CD Image", pronounced {see-dee-revolution see-dee image}. The shortened name is "cdrev", which is pronounced {see-dee-rev}.

Normative Definition of cdrev 1.11

Standard description
CDRevolution CD image
File extension
cdrev (in all lowercase characters)
Uniform Type Identifier
UTI physical hierarchy
public.item > >
UTI document content hierarchy
public.content > public.composite-content

CD Audio package content

CDRevolution audio images, created from CD Audio discs, contain audio files (one for each track on the original CD) and several data files (for storing layout information and album metadata). All the files must be stored in the root of the package unless otherwise stated.

Audio files must all be in the same file format. The audio must be stored as a two-channel 16-bit 44.1kHz sample as either Apple Lossless Encoded MPEG-4 files with a "m4a" file extension or AIFF files with an "aiff" file extension. The m4a files are the preferred storage method and should be used whenever possible.

Each audio file name must start with a track number followed by a space and then either the track title or some default text. The track numbers must start from 1 for the first track and must not be zero padded. There must be an audio file for every single track on the original CD and no gaps in the sequence of track numbers. No tracks can start with a value higher than 99.

There must be a file named ".TOC.plist" containing track layout information. These files are created by OS X for each audio CD and can be found in the root directory of a mounted audio CD.

There may be a file named ".cdrev.plist" containing additional track layout information not included in the original TOC.

If the original audio CD contained CD Text then the CD Text should be stored as raw binary data as a file named ".CDText.bin".

If the original audio CD contained asset management data such as MCN and ISRCs (and it is stored outside of the CD Text) this should be stored in a file named ".assets.plist".

If a CDDB ( record can be obtained for an audio CD it should be stored with the name ".CDDB.txt".

There should be no other files in the package.

CD-ROM package content

CDRevolution data images, created from CD-ROMs, contain a single binary ISO image with an "iso" extension.