CDRevolution Spotlight Search Keys

Spotlight KeyAudio/DataType of Data
kMDItemAudioBitRateAudioBit rate of the audio in the Image
kMDItemAudioChannelCountAudioNumber of channels in the audio data contained in the file
kMDItemAudioSampleRateAudioSample rate of the item's audio data
kMDItemComposerAudioCD artist if known
kMDItemDisplayNameBothFile name
kMDItemDurationSecondsAudioCD length in seconds
kMDItemIdentifierAudioMedia Catalog Number (MCN) of the CD if known
kMDItemKindBoth"CDRevolution CD image"
kMDItemMusicalGenreAudioMusical genre of the CD
kMDItemRecordingYearAudioYear the CD was recorded
kMDItemTextContentAudioAll of the following if known: the CD title and artist; track titles and track artists; extended CD and track information less than 255 characters; the International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) for each track
kMDItemTitleBothIf the Image was created from an audio CD and the title and artist is known, they are both stored here; otherwise the image file name is stored instead