Gallery Grabber QED FAQ

I get an error when using Gallery Grabber with my browser. What should I do?

The Gallery Grabber browser extension doesn't work on its own. For the browser extension to work you need to install (and open, at least once) the separate Gallery Grabber QED application on your Mac. Failing to do this leads to your browser complaining that it can't open a URL that looks something like this:


You can find out more on the Gallery Grabber QED Extension page for your particular browser.

Where does Gallery Grabber QED put the pictures? I can't find them.

In version 1.1 or later: you can display the last download folder by clicking the "Show in Finder" button displayed in the main interface after downloading a gallery. By default, Gallery Grabber QED downloads files to a folder it creates in Pictures/Gallery Grabber. The folder name will be based on the title of the page you downloaded the gallery from. The default download location can be changed in preferences.

Prior to version 1.1: Gallery Grabber QED downloaded files to a folder that it created on the Desktop.

Will Gallery Grabber QED work with image search engine results?

Currently no. Most image search engine's results appear on a thumbnail page gallery where the linked pages are frames and the image is embedded within a page on another Website linked to by the frame page. Adding a download method to deal with this type of page is likely to severely slow down Gallery Grabber QED.

If you mainly download images from search engine results, you may want to consider trying an application which has been specifically designed for this task, such as Pandora by Positive Spin Media.

Why won't Gallery Grabber QED download a particular gallery?

Gallery Grabber QED was designed to download 90% or more of galleries with little or no user intervention. It understands Gallery Pages, Thumbnail Picture Galleries and Thumbnail Page Galleries.

If most of your downloads are from galleries other than these, you might want to consider using a spider or a webbot. Although these may not be as easy or straight forward to use, they should give you the extra features you require to get at these more stubborn galleries.

Gallery Grabber QED does not support frame pages or password protected sites.

What are Gallery Pages?

As understood by Gallery Grabber QED, a Gallery Page is a single webpage with large gallery images embedded within it. Here's an example:

Gallery Page symbol
Gallery Page

What are Thumbnail Picture Galleries?

As understood by Gallery Grabber QED, a Thumbnail Picture Gallery is a webpage of thumbnail images which link directly to large gallery images. Here's an example:

Thumbnail Picture Gallery symbol
Thumbnail Picture Gallery

The Gallery Grabber pop-up menu refers to this type of gallery as [Thumbs → Pics]

What are Thumbnail Page Galleries?

As understood by Gallery Grabber QED, a Thumbnail Page Gallery is a webpage of thumbnail images which link to other webpages with embedded gallery images. The initial webpage and the linked pages are all on the same Website. Here's an example:

Thumbnail Page Gallery symbol
Thumbnail Page Gallery

The Gallery Grabber pop-up menu refers to this type of gallery as [Thumbs → Pages]

What does a status message like "Completed 7 of 9" mean?

The second value represents the number of possible images in the gallery. As each possible image is examined it is either accepted or (in the case of adverts, thumbnails and page design graphics) rejected. For each image that is accepted the first value goes up, for each image that is rejected, the second value goes down.

In automatic mode, Gallery Grabber attempts each type of gallery in turn. If it does not find any images for a particular gallery it tries the next gallery type until some images are found. This means you may see the completed counter reset several times during an automatic download.

Why does Gallery Grabber QED ignore my website's robots.txt file?

All of Gallery Grabber QED's requests come from explicit action by its users. Since all requests come from humans, Gallery Grabber QED is not a Web robot or a spider and is therefore designed to ignore your robots.txt file.

How do I uninstall Gallery Grabber QED?

To uninstall the Gallery Grabber QED browser extension, see the Gallery Grabber QED Extension page for your particular browser.

To uninstall the Gallery Grabber QED application:

  1. If Gallery Grabber is Open, select the menu item Gallery Grabber > Quit Gallery Grabber
  2. Drag the Gallery Grabber application icon to the Trash
  3. Optionally Drag the following files and folders to the Trash as well (if they exist):