Gallery Grabber QED Firefox Shortcuts

OS X system keyboard preferences allow you to create keyboard shortcuts for any action that has an associated menu command. You can, for example, create a shortcut to switch the Gallery Grabber browser extension toolbar on and off with ⌥⌘G.

The problem is that there is currently a bug in Firefox that prevents this from working. Here's a workaround for Firefox users...

Keyboard shortcuts can be added to the Gallery Grabber extension's menu items using the keyconfig Firefox extension.

First download and install the keyconfig extension:

Installing keyconfig

  1. Go to the following page in Firefox:
  2. Click the keyconfig link at the start of the post.
  3. When the message "Firefox has prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer" appears, click Allow.
  4. In the Software Installation window, click Install.
  5. When prompted click Restart Now (or restart Firefox when it is convenient).

Next add a keyboard shortcut to toggle the Gallery Grabber toolbar using keyconfig:

Add a shortcut in keyconfig

  1. In Firefox, choose Keyconfig… from the Tools menu.
  2. Click Add a new key.
  3. In the name field enter "Toggle Gallery Grabber Toolbar" (or your own description).
  4. In the code text box enter the following:

    var toolbar = document.getElementById("GGAO-Toolbar");
    var isVisible = toolbar.getAttribute("collapsed") == "true";

    toolbar.setAttribute("collapsed", !isVisible);

    document.persist(, "collapsed");

  5. Click OK.
  6. Click in the key field (which shows <Disabled> by default) and then press the shortcut key combination you want to use (before choosing a shortcut make sure it doesn't clash with an existing shortcut).
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Close the Keyconfig window.

Adding other command shortcuts for Gallery Grabber

Follow the Add a shortcut steps above but use the following code when you add the key.