Tiptoe FAQ

When using Open with Privacy: can I still use the applications own privacy features?

Tiptoe's Open with Privacy feature keeps the privacy for each application, a session at a time. A session is the time the application is open. i.e. From when you open an application to when you close it.

To achieve the best results when using Tiptoe's "open with privacy" it is advised that you refrain from using any of an applications own privacy features that effect privacy data created before the current session.

When Tiptoe opens an application privately, it stores the state of that application. When you quit the application, Tiptoe restores the privacy information from the storage - overwriting any new privacy information that has been created. So if you (for instance) clear the recent items list, while the application is open with privacy, when you quit - Tiptoe will restore the older items from before you opened the application, from storage.

For the cautious then, it is best if you clear out privacy items using Tiptoe's Reset feature (which operates when the application is closed). For finer control (such as removing specific cookies) open the application normally (without using Tiptoe) and proceed as normal, using the applications privacy features. When you have finished you can close the application down and open it with Tiptoe if you wish.