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Gallery Grabber QED 2 Website Coverage

Supported Websites

Standard Galleries

By default Gallery Grabber QED 2 understands three types of standard gallery:

  • Gallery Pages
  • Thumbnail Picture Galleries
  • Thumbnail Page Galleries

See: Example Galleries for more information about these types of gallery.

Special Supported Websites

Gallery Grabber QED 2 also has special support for certain websites that don't conform to the layout of a standard gallery. Here we list some of the sites that work with Gallery Grabber QED due to this special support.

Site Note
DeviantArt ✓ User Gallery
✓ User Profile (indirectly)
✓ Site Homepage (indirectly)
Flickr ✓ User Photostream
✓ User Album (each individual album)
✓ User Faves ?
✓ User Galley (each individual gallery)
✓ Group Photo Pool

✗ User About
✗ Group Overview
✗ Site Homepage
imgur ✓ Gallery

✗ Site Homepage
PBase ✓ Individual Galleries ?
  • ✓ indicates a supported page on a special supported site.
  • ✗ indicates an unsupported page on a special supported site.
  • Pages marked with "?" - there are currently some issues here which we are looking into.
  • There are also a number of Adult sites with special support. They are not listed here.

If most of your downloads are from galleries other than those that work with Gallery Grabber QED 2, you might want to consider using a spider or a webbot. Although these may not be as easy or straight forward to use, they should give you the extra features you require to get at these more stubborn galleries.

Unsupported Websites

Gallery Grabber QED 2 doesn't work with all websites. Here we list several categories that Gallery Grabber QED 2 doesn't work with as well as specific sites that are not supported.

  • ✗ Search Engine (Image) Results
  • ✗ Most image hosting sites (with some exceptions, see above)
  • ✗ Password Protected Sites
  • ✗ Gallery Grabber QED does not support frame pages

Specific Unsupported Websites

Site Reason
FaceBook ✗ Requires sign-in
Google Photos ✗ Unknown
Instagram ✗ Protected content
Pinterest ✗ Unknown
SmugMug ✗ Unknown
tumblr ✗ Unknown