CDRevolution FAQ

I tried burning a cue sheet but it didn't work, what should I do?

The current version of CDRevolution does not work with music files compressed with FLAC. If this is not causing your problem: first make sure that you have the latest version of CDRevolution, as your issue may have been corrected in an update.

If you have version 1.01 or later and you get a warning message about missing cue files: open the cue file in a text editor and check that each of the files required by the cue file exist in the same folder as the cue file. Once all files are in place, try again.

If you have the latest version you may get a warning message about a badly formatted cue sheet. CDRevolution uses Apple's Disc Recording framework to burn cue sheets. This framework is very strict about only accepting correctly formatted cue sheets. This message indicates that your cue sheet has somehow not met this strict standard.

If you still have problems, and would like to contribute to the improvement of CDRevolution, contact me at

Which drives support 800 MB (90 min) optical disc burning?

Technically, 800 MB (90 min) optical discs cannot be used to create authentic CDs, as they do not conform to the required Compact Disc standards (and as such, they may not play back on some CD players). Nevertheless, CDRevolution can burn these optical discs in drives that support such burning. The drives tested so far are listed below. If you have any further information about other Mac drives, please let me know at and I'll add it to the table.

Why does CDRevolution create a CD image? What if I have more than one optical drive and want to burn on-the-fly?

CDRevolution was originally designed for the majority of Macs with a single optical drive. Also, to make CDRevolution as system friendly as possible; it is built using Cocoa technology. The technology used here has been designed to burn CDs from images, but currently does not include burning on-the-fly (directly from one optical drive to another). But still, if it is practical, there may be an option for this in a future release.

What happens to the CD image created when I copy a CD with CDRevolution? Does it stay around wasting valuable hard drive space?

No. A temporary CD image is created when you click Burn CD (but only if the source is a CD). As soon as you drag a new source onto the source well or quit the application, the temporary CD image is deleted.

If you want to save a temporary CD image, use Source menu > Save As...

Why are accented characters within my CD Text not displaying correctly?

CDRevolution uses Apple's Disc Recording Framework. The Tiger version of the Disc Recording Framework does not support accented characters within CD Text - this issue has been resolved in Leopard.

I keep having burn problems on my Mac, what can I do?

For specific burning problems with CDRevolution, check out the Troubleshooting Burn Failures tip. For general burning problems go straight to Apple's Troubleshooting Tips