CDRevolution Leopard Integration Issues

If you are using Leopard, please use the latest version of CDRevolution.

Cue Sheets with mp3 Audio Files

There was a bug in Leopard which meant that Cue Sheets with mp3 audio files could fail to burn. Cue Sheets with wav or aiff audio files were unaffected. Apple fixed this in an update to Leopard (with changes in DiscRecording framework 4.0.7).

Audio Track Duration

Currently, under Leopard, the reporting of audio track lengths is out by as small fraction of a second. When burning a CD the final tracks may be be up to one-tenth of a second longer than the original. This may be acceptable for most people in most cases, but if you are an audio engineer or you are burning a CD where the music runs across each track (such as a concept album, or classical music) you may want to consider the following work arounds and solutions.

Ejecting CDs

There was a bug in Leopard (fixed in update 10.5.6) which could prevent a CD from being ejected while CDRevolution was running. The bug only effected audio CDs, and prevented the keyboard eject key (or dragging to the CD to the Trash) ejecting the CD.

CDRevolution 1.13 resolves this issue.

Accented Characters in CD Text

There was a bug in Tiger which meant that accented characters in CD Text were not burned correctly. Leopard has resolved this issue.

Staying Informed

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