CDRevolution Top Tips

Changing What Happens When You Insert a CD

By default; when you insert an audio CD, iTunes opens up. If you find this annoying, you can change it:

CDs & DVDs preferences showing 'ignore' being selected on the 'When you insert a music CD' pop-up menu

If you choose to open iTunes after inserting an audio CD, the CD will still appear in the iTunes source list.

Compressing Data CD Images

If your data CD Images start taking up large amounts of valuable hard drive space, you may want to consider compressing them to reduce the file sizes.

The Finder's shortcut menu with Create Archive selected

Don't forget to delete the original files - otherwise you will end up using more hard drive space!

To uncompress an archive file just double click its icon.

Ejecting Discs

There are several ways to manually eject a CD:

You can also get CDRevolution to auto-eject each CD when it has finished with them:

CDRevolution preferences showing the 'Eject CD' checkboxes selected

Sometimes discs that fail to burn can misbehave and fail to eject. This is why CDRevolution automatically ejects CDs that have failed to burn. But what if you insert a disc to see if it is still useable and it then becomes stuck? Try this:

Erasing CD-RWs

Using CD-RWs (rewritable CDs) can be useful for making test burns. But it may not be immediately apparent how you erase a CD-RW so that it can be re-used:

Deselecting the Quick Erase checkbox does a more thorough job of erasing the previous data - but takes a lot longer.

Troubleshooting Burn Failures

If you are getting more than your fair share of burn failures:

If the CD is compatible, but you are still having problems; check out Apple's Top 10 Troubleshooting Tips.

Note: You can change the burn speed of CDRevolution using the CDRevolution preferences: