Gallery Grabber QED Firefox Extension

This Firefox extension is for the Mac OS X Image Download Tool Gallery Grabber QED. This extension makes it even easier to download graphic files from web based picture galleries to your hard-drive.


Gallery Grabber QED can be used for thirty days as an unlimited demo. When the demo expires Gallery Grabber QED can be purchased for only $5.00 USD.


  1. Download and install Gallery Grabber QED →
  2. Open Galley Grabber QED at least once before installing the extension
  3. Download the Gallery Grabber Firefox Extension using Firefox → gallerygrabberaddon1.7.xpi
  4. If a notification is displayed with the message "Firefox prevented this site ( from asking you to install software on your computer.", click "Allow"
  5. In the "Install add-ons only from authors whom you trust" sheet that appears click "Install Now"
  6. In the "Gallery Grabber Add-on will be installed after you restart Firefox" notification, click "Restart Now" to complete the installation

First Use

The first time you use the Gallery Grabber extension to grab a gallery you will be presented with a Launch Application window:

  1. Select "Gallery Grabber" from the list
  2. Select the "Remember my choice for x-com-zenopolis-gallerygrabber links" checkbox
  3. Click the "OK" button

Gallery Grabber Bar

The Gallery Grabber Bar allows you to override Gallery Grabber's automatic behaviour, forcing a gallery to be downloaded using a specific method:

You can show and hide the Gallery Grabber Bar using the Firefox menu View > Toolbars > Gallery Grabber.

Gallery Grabber Menu

You can also use the menu to download a gallery:


  1. Open Firefox
  2. Select the menu item Tools > Add-ons
  3. Find the Gallery Grabber Add-on in the Extensions list
  4. Click the Remove button
  5. Click the Restart now link

See Also:

Instructions to add keyboard shortcuts to the Firefox Gallery Grabber extension toolbar and menu items can be found here:


The Gallery Grabber QED Firefox Extension was contributed by Robert Williams. It is copyright © 2011, Robert Williams and is hosted here with his permission.