Link Sequence Downloader QED is a legacy Mac app that is no longer supported.
This page remains for historical reference.

Link Sequence Downloader QED

Link Sequence Downloader QED is a tool for downloading a series of files, such as images and videos, to your hard-drive. It is one of the quick and (relatively) easy to use download utilities found in the QED collection.

Screenshot of Gallery Grabber QED

By entering a link, with ranges in square brackets - a large list of files can be downloaded in one go. For example, the Link Sequence:[1-10]/vid[001-004].mpg

would attempt to download forty mpeg video files;
four files named vid001.mpg, vid002.mpg, vid003.mpg, vid004.mpg
from each of ten folders numbered 1 to 10.

This version of Link Sequence Downloader adds the ability to include (up to two) alphabetical ranges:[A-D].jpg

Link Sequence Downloader QED is one of three download utilities in the QED collection: For a quick and easy solution to downloading images from a web gallery try Gallery Grabber QED. To download webpages along with their content, try Webpage Saver QED.


Link Sequence Notation

  • Easy to master, powerful in use
  • Allows files from multiple directories to be downloaded in one go
  • Up to two alphabetical ranges can be used within a Link Sequence
  • An unlimited number of numeric ranges can be used within a Link Sequence
  • Numeric range notation can be used to represent both zero padding and no padding


  • Saves files to a folder on the Desktop
  • Provides a unique name to each file based on the original filename combined with the range values
  • Stores a copy of the original link sequence within the download folder


Take a closer look at the screenshot gallery.